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The life of a Planter

JC Holidays strives to provide guests with the best colonial style experiential travel in Sri Lanka.

A day in. The life of the Colonial Planter.

0530 am Wake  up  early  morning  and  enjoy  the  freshly  brewed  Lynford  tea  served  by  the  Appu. Done  your  boots  and  Jacket  and  set  out  on  the  morning  field  round  with  abundance  of  fresh  air  and  birds  chirping  on  the  trees.

600am Watch  the  tea  pluckers  plucking  the  world  famous  two  leaves  and a  bud, see  the  men  doing  field  works  such  as  weeding, draining,  fertilising,  and  other  connected  agricultural  practises  required  in  the  Tea  gardens.

Return  to  the  bungalow  and  enjoy  a  sumptuous  Continental  or  Oriental  breakfast  with    factory fresh  tea  served  by  the  caring  Lynford  staff. After  a  while’s  rest  one  can  either  do  another  field  round  or  make  a  visit  to  the  factory  to  see  the  tea  manufacturing  process  from  withering  of  the  green  leaf  to  the  final  black  tea  and  the  grading  of  same. This  is  an  experience  of  a  life  time  to  actually  see  the  process  of  manufacturing  this  world  famous  drink. Then  experience  the  tea  tasting  process  and  make  your  own  comments  of  this  famous  drink. One  can  also  experience  the  blending  process  and  even  do  one’s  own  blend  to  be  taken  back  to  your  country  to  tell  your  friends  about  your  special  blend.

Return  to  the  bungalow  for  lunch  and  rest  a  while  after  lunch. Do  a  visit  to  the  office  in  the  evening  and  thereafter  visit  the  factory  to  see  the  Green  leaf  being  brought  into  the  factory,  see  the  weighing  process  and  the  commencement  of  the  manufacturing  process.

For  the  more  adventurous  type  after  a  sumptuous  dinner  back  at  the  bungalow  can  re- visit  the  factory  to  see  the  manufacturing  process  which  commence  generally  at  night.

You  have  now  personally  experienced  the  typical  daily  routine  of  a   Tea  Planter,  which  experience  you  cannot  get  elsewhere.

Flexible nirvana

Limber up, relax and rejuvenate in the salubrious climes of the Lynford division.  Relax and recharge your batteries in the company of our expert yoga instructor who will guide you through 3 days of heavenly relaxation, while basking in the pampering that is the Lynford experience.

Take a walk on the green side

Be it a leisurely stroll or an adventurous trek through rolling tea fields that lead up to the Horton plains, the portfolio of treks that originate from the Lynford give you a hands on experience of a valley that has hardly felt the passing of time. A canvass of blues and greens awaits the adventurous that extends from the perfectly manicured tea carpets to the virgin plains of Horton.

Wedding Bells

Can’t handle the whole drama of a gala wedding? Want to escape to the Emerald Isle with a few loved ones to celebrate matrimony away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, The Lynford offers you wedlock memories to cherish. You just step onto the property and step into your wedding gown, our wedding panner will take care of the rest.

The Lynford Blend

Try your hand at blending your own tea at the factory, and take it back home with you. Visit the different regions of the bogo valley teas and help in the plucking process… join the pluckers to weigh in the tea leaf and follow the two leaves and bud through the entire process from the bud to the packaged product, the finest in the golden valley.